Permission to Dream Big

Permission to Dream Big

Are you waiting for permission to dream BIG?

Have you ever found yourself waiting around somewhere just for someone to acknowledge you? Have you decided against taking a big leap simply for the fact that no one has validated your dreams?


I know I’ve been there. I’ve waited for someone to compliment me before deciding I liked my outfit or that I was good enough to pursue a goal. I’ve waited for someone to tell me that I had potential before I decided that I wanted something because I was afraid of failing. I became afraid of being “found out” that I wasn’t good enough to accomplish my goals. So, what happens when we sign our own permission slips to dream big?


It’s a little scary, right?


I was on a conference call and we did an exercise where we declared three traits that we wanted to keep front of mind. Before listing the traits, we placed the words “I am” before each trait to breathe power into the words. In the exercise, I stated “I am inspirational, I am joyful, I am relentless”. This was my signature on my permission slip. 


At first, I was a little nauseous saying these positive things about myself. Who was I to call myself inspirational? After a while, I realized that it was ok to validate my true self. Over time, the three words I attributed to myself became words that I heard from others. I began to hear people tell me that I inspired them for getting up at 4am to make sure I get my training in before work. That I was so much fun to work with and I brightened their day. That no matter what, I never quit or gave up. 


As nice as this was, the external validation wasn’t as satisfying as my internal validation. I noticed myself no longer wanting for permission to chase a crazy weight on the bar or to go faster in a workout. I gave myself permission to post a “real” Instagram photo with a caption that wasn’t perfect.


I’m not claiming that this is the magic bullet, there is no such thing. What I invite you to do is to try out the exercise and let go of any attachment to the outcome of doing so. Release any expectations of any sudden changes to your life and just live it. External validation will only crack open the door to your potential, but your internal validation will blow the door wide open. 


 Sarah Boltz currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and chihuahua-pug mix (a chug). When she is not in the gym, you can find her reading, arranging flowers, tending to her plants, or having a girls night. Her core values are unapologetic bad-assery, love, and trust. 



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