The Psychedelic Gypsy Decree

The Psychedelic Gypsy Decree

The Psychedelic Gypsy Decree

1. Loving yourself is tantamount to anything you do in this life. This may be the whole damn meaning of this experience- to reconnect with your soul's calling.

2. Self-pleasure often: yes, I mean masturbate. Explore your glorious temple- rub yourself down with coconut oil. Say hello to your pussy or penis. Tell them you love them and thanks for all the pleasurable sensations. Be naked, dance naked, eat a dessert naked, go out in nature naked. You can create enormous self love just by tapping into your self pleasure. You are a sensual, divine creature. 

3. Nourish your body. Eat well and notice what makes you feel optimal. Eat fat- it is satiating. Eat organic. Don't be afraid to spend a little extra on food.

5. Forget about stepping on the scale. It is bullshit. 

6. Meditate. Develop your own unique practice that works for you. There is no goal- this is self-exploration and creating space for much needed stillness in a noisy world. 

7. Slow down. Opt out. Calm down. Chill out. 

8. Listen to your body. All of your answers lay within. This can only be done when you implement #7. 

9. Pour back into your well. The more you give to yourself the more your compassion expands. Do this by a daily random act of kindness, showing some love to a stranger or pampering yourself. You will feel juicy. Do shit that LIGHTS you up. 

10. Allow yourself to process your motherfucking emotions. Sometimes they have to be released. By following #7 and #8 you will start to create space to honour and release what bubbles to the surface. Don't be afraid of anger, hurt, hate, resentment, fear, unbearable sadness nor of bursting joy. Be with it, look at it and let your body feel it. Scream, cry, have a tantrum, jump in joy... No you are not crazy to wail uncontrollably for an hour. Your body is processing how it needs to. 

11. Learn to love being alone. Go to a movie alone, have dinner alone, go on a trip alone. Be with your loneliness. Don't be distracted. Be bored and be alone. This is when you will fall in love with yourself. Lonely is healing. 

12. Understand there are seasons in life. We can't be amazing all the time. Things have to get fucked up and messy to purify our hearts. We have to bravely feel and look our fears straight in the eyes. And we keep showing up to life anyway. 

13. Move well. Move deliberately. Move to the highest possible standard- fall in love with glute and core builders. These are you pillars. 

14. Write your own decree and shout it from the top of a mountain or in the shower or tell it to a friend. Or send it to me. I would love to read it. 

15. Move in all ways. Pursue athleticism and explore all the ways you can move your incredible body. 

16. Always stay tripping on this absolutely chaotic, wild, uncertain, vibrant, confusing, unfair, electrifying, terrifying theatre that is our life. It is incredible and each moment needs to be savoured. 

This is #TheWayofTheGypsy

 My sister sent me this video a long time ago when I was lonely and homesick in college. It also made me feel pretty okay. Enjoy. 


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  • YAAAASSSSSSS. No “suck it up” mantra here! Just FEEL, just BE.

    • Izzy
  • Thanks Larry! Spread the word- we are taking back fitness for ourselves.

    • Psychedelic Gypsy Queen
  • I’m Loving your decree, well thought out and true, keep up the amazing work, be naked alone or with others,move well and above all else enjoy x

    • Garryfitness Langler